L511 / Collada de Faidella / Coll de Boixols / Coll de Nargo : Isona - Coll de Nargo ()

Star Rating Graphic (4.9) 38 kms
Stelios | Listopad 14, 2007 | Europa > Hiszpania Trasy Motocyklowe > Aragon
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  • Yamaha TDM 900
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Corners Star Rating Graphic (5)
StraightsStar Rating Graphic (1.9)
SceneryStar Rating Graphic (4.8)
VisibilityStar Rating Graphic (3.2)
Road SurfaceStar Rating Graphic (4.7)
HazardsStar Rating Graphic (3)
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Czerwiec 20, 2011 - Star Rating Graphic

What a great stretch of road! One for the scenery as much as the road itself; it's all epic mountains and . you go through and pass a couple of small little villages. There is a quick (for this road anyway) section about halfway but otherwise it's over 20 miles of tight, grin inducing corners the rest of the way. Surface is mostly excellent, however I would watch out for the odd patch of dust/sand that, annoying, the same colour as the tarmac! Getting on the gas and having the back slide out mid-corner on a mountain road does not inspire confidence... NB: Works well linking it up with the L-401 & LV-4241 in you're looking for an afternoon of serious riding!

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Listopad 24, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

As with most roads in this area they are perfect but this road is one of the best, we found this one by accident on the way to the med but see some other previous bikers have well enjoyed it too,can wait to do it again sometime

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Maj 18, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

Went back for a second vist. Still the business!

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Czerwiec 12, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

This road is all about the corners! Its just turn after turn on a quality road surface, with very low levels of trafic and quality scenery.

The highlight of a recent bike trip to Spain

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Luty 18, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

Firstly, thanks to Stelios and BestBikingRoads for introducing this route to me.
It really is a quality road in great surroundings. And lots of other good roads in the area to keep you interested.
Ride safe.

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Styczeń 22, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

Totally agree John, reading the review reminded me to add some of my old photos from a 2004 trip to this area. Roads like this were the inspiration for me to build this site! Great Photos, thanks for sharing.

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Styczeń 21, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

In my opinion the BEST road we rode on our trip to the area last September. I was on a ZX6-R and my mate on a Fireblade, we rode it West to East and absolutely loved it.

John Laverick
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Październik 7, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

It is outstanding. American riders - forget Deals Gap - we are talking over 20 miles of very nearly continuos cornering here!
In the course of riding it I divined a secret code that spanish road builders use here -
a blue sign with 40 on it means that the road turns 180 degrees slowly tightening, until you hit a blue sign with 40 and a red line through it - which means the next set of corners are between 90 and 180 degrees.
There are some rocks gathered in the water runoffs (gutters?) - so my guess is there are some rockfalls in the spring thaws - so watchout for this.
I had a laugh about the scenery marking - unless you are stopped or suicidal you only see road. I spend 90% of my riding time in the Pyrenees - so when I sneaked a glance and then found my left shoulder dangerously near the crash barrier I figured that this road is too dangerous to do anything but ride with 100% focus - which makes it rare, very rare indeed!
It does suit smaller bikes - I rode it on an R1200GS I was picking up after a hire and found that the wheelbase is a little long - I would love to do it on an MT03 - but frankly would fear for my life! An F650GS (old style) would be perfect.

Mission Motos!
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Marzec 18, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

The best road I have ever ridden, as simple as that. Very slow, average speed is 60 km/h, not a single straight road most of the time... and poor visibility. But your skills will gain a lot after this more-than-a-good road test. I could do it time after time after time with no rest. Not for superbikes, I do not think it is the right road, but supermotards heaven or not too circuit focused bikes. The area in general is extremely good, just keep on riding to the west and get to Tremp and Puente de Montaña to complete the ride, both altogether make an awesome experience!!!!

And go a bit up North and you get also twist roads but more open so more bikes can enjoy it as well... the whole bloody region is a bike Kingdom!!!!

Honest, whoever likes cornering at low speed MUST ride through the L-511.

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  • spauser
  • Wynik: 8
Listopad 14, 2007 - Star Rating Graphic

One of the best roads I have ever ridden. Great road surface, great corners, no traffic at all and spectacular scenery. What else can a biker ask for?

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