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Like All Freely Offered Internet Communities, BBR needs help from its most important asset, its visitors BBR is a stable and steadily growing community of like minded motorcycle travellers and has over a period of the last few years, grown to be the largest internet resource for motorcycle roads on the web. If you like this site and would be interested in supporting BBR, there are a number of ways you can so this depending on the amount of time and money that you have available to you.

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    Stage 4 : Are you a keen motorcycle traveller who likes to write and wants to promote his own project/s?

    If, like us, you enjoy motorcycle travel and are currently writing about your trips we can help each other. Simply put together an article about a topic that would be interesting to other motorcycle travellers and send it to us. Subject to approval, we will publish the article on BBR and credit you for it. The only condition is that the article is uniquely submitted to BBR and not lots of other sites

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    Stage 5 : Spend your time helping us and make a bit of fuel money for your trips

    The revenues that are required to run and maintain BBR come primarily from advertising and personal donations from members.
    We would like you to help us grow these so that we may continue to improve what's being offered by the project.
    At the moment we are backed up with new features and update work to improve the project so we need help from various regions to do this
    In return we will offer you a portion of earnings for the new revenue from your region or anything else to which you’ve contributed significantly.
    It probably won't make you rich but you will make some money doing what you love to do and get a chance to contribute in a unique way to this fast growing project.
    In the longer term if your input is positive, there would be more opportunities.

    What we are looking for

    Keen Motorcycle Travellers and Evangelists, who can help build the popularity of BBR in a particular country or region.
    A proactive person who is respected in the biker community, has good local knowledge and a willingness to contribute positively to BBR
    Someone who has personal skills to talk to local businesses and bring a positive outcome
    Desirable is someone who understands marketing and has some business sense and any additional technical skills are a bonus.

    What to do if you are interested

    Send an email explaining what you can bring to B BR and why you think it’s for you to the email address below
    If you have a resume, attaching that would also be useful.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    david at bestbikingroads dot com

    Enjoy the good times with us......