Stalins Dacha + Gorbochev Dacha road

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5 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy
Corners : 4 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe4.0
Straights : 1 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe1.0
Scenery : 5 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe5.0
Road Surface : 2 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe2.0
Visibility : 3 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe3.0
Police Presence : green 1 Motorcycle Road1.0
Hazards : green 5 Motorcycle Road5.0

Route Added By : Coolberg
Date : Październik 4, 2018
Length : 24 kms / 14.9 miles
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Road Type : Wiejski
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Październik 4, 2018 - 5 gwiazdkowa ocena trasy Trasy Motocyklowe5.0

fantastic road to a deserted area of official Soviet Union Stalins summer residence as well as seeing Gorbochev´s palace. After special buildings there is the finest bike track over the mountains running near the coast at times being just narrow as a bike with offraod track mixed with asphalt where in the middle you can see the oldest Christian church ruins and drive best roads for BMW GS motorcycle

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