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UK to Italy enjoying France

Posted on Luty 14, 2021 by SteveC3
Posted on Luty 14, 2021 by SteveC3 (Member Score: 0)

Hi all. As a young man I travelled most of western Europe on a bike. Now as an old fart I'd like to do s solo ride from Colchester UK to a family apartment near Genoa Italy. I used to ride this in 2 days with an overnight stop at Dijon. I'd like to recreate it but taking maybe 2 to 4 days using scenic roads and scenic stops at villages (camping) on the way down. Any suggestions appreciated.

Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by rabbit (Member Score: 8753)

Hi Steve,
It sounds like a great trip. There are so many options, do you have any specific preferences and what kind of riding and bike do you have?
Also did you try to make a route with the BBR Trip Builder yet? I think this could be a really big help.

Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by dexterbeef (Member Score: 65)

That'll be fun... once we are allowed out!!

Slightly different route than asked for but hey... it's all a fantasy at the moment! :-)

Head for Lille to get across the boring bit of France, then Ardennes, through to the Vosges, across Rhine to Baden Baden and then down the Black Forest route...

Then either the quick and easy route into Italy, across Switzerland, but if I had time, I'd head to Innsbruck and then into Italy throught the Tyrol, towards Trento, then a quick rin across to Genoa.

Bur for an all France trip, then Lille , Reilms, Troyes, Dijon, Bourg en Bresse. Lots of cracking D roads to be ridden, but using these cities as "waypoints" almost!


Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by SteveC3 (Member Score: 0)

Thanks guys. Yes, I'll probably stay within France and finish off on the S France to Italy coast road. I guess it's about knowing where to use the motorways and when to detour off. I'll probably look at doing around 200 leisurely miles a day. Bike is a Tracer 900 which I am currently looking to kit out with panniers.
I'll be spending about a week in Liguria and so will explore the best bike bits there as well.
Yes, a pipedream at the moment but at least I have lots of planning time!

Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by rabbit (Member Score: 8753)


I find Steve's suggestion to be a good one

+1 and good luck :)

I am located in Belgium, normally you could come over for coffee, but these days not recommended :(

Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by SteveC3 (Member Score: 0)

Maybe next year for the coffee! I have Belgium connection too - My father was from Eeklo. Steve

Posted on Luty 15, 2021 by rabbit (Member Score: 8753)

Sounds good.
Look forward to hearing how the trip works out
All the best

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